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The challenges we face as neighbors is rarely partisan. In its most simple form, the role of municipal government is to provide basic services and organization to the community it serves. To do that well, it needs to be run efficiently. Over the last nearly 30 years, John has successfully run organizations, both small and large, to operate at their peak performance through the intelligent application of resources and budgeting to complete mission essential tasks. 


As a veteran, John has spent much of his adult life in service to our country and as a successful small business owner has made a career out of getting things done. As a father of two young children, John knows how important it is to ensure we preserve and enhance the great quality of life we have in Verona through deliberative and responsible decision making.  It's why John is running for Verona Township Council.

John wants to bring his business experience, military leadership, and new ideas to the Council to ensure we:

  • Engage in fiscally efficient, responsible budgeting; properly funding essential services and identifying areas in need of better efficiency.

  • Combat over development to preserve our quality of life.

  • Promote responsible development in the commercial corridor to enhance downtown business activity

  • Seek parking relief for downtown businesses and residents through Private-Public Partnerships

  • Establish a downtown special improvement district to boost business development and discourage vacancy

  • Invest in our infrastructure, specifically our roads and sewers

  • Create a rec center for our teens

  • Increase recreational programs for our children and seniors

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